I am writing this on a Thursday eve and it is significant as I had just done my first live story time on Facebook on my private group page called Tavola’s.


The nerves were real and I purposefully made posters to post on the group page to ensure I did not chicken out of actually doing it. As an introvert it has always astounded me how uncomfortable it is to speak in public. The last few months have taught me a lot on getting out of your comfort zone if you desired a change, and this arrived for me in the moment where I knew that the only way to grow this start-up of mine was to do what I had not tried. And today I did just that. I let every negative talk out of my head and prepared everything the night before.

Afterwards, I still contemplated not posting the live but having watched it over, I was happy with the result. And that is it I guess, I may not be the best at public speaking when I started this journey but I have certainly tried today. I would like to thank you all that have watched my live video and look forward to the next one.


Verenaisi Tavola xo