7 Ways to be your true authentic self

I am at a point in life where authenticity matters more than just being a friend, student, wife, mother or anything for that matter. This is often an uncomfortable topic for me as I like to be a people pleaser to the point where I could operate without flinching.

In hindsight, it scares me how did I let myself become that. But the truth is for me, every experience has allowed me to become the person I have become today. It is remembering the reasons why you are doing what you doing.

All my scars, failures and tears have led me to write this. Authenticity in todays world, for some of us this is limiting, in the sense you feel that you have to be one or the other when truth is, nothing is ever as clear cut. My take , would be more of a, let it be organic and see how it grows then move with that.

So in the end I have learnt to always be building things in tangent with who I want to become, not giving up on my old self without being entirely sure that the new me is who I want to be. There is no guide, you are your best true north. I personally do not like to dish out advice more like guides and make it about each person’s interpretation.

  1. Spend time on your own, on average 2 hours daily.

2. Have an artistic outlet, be it painting or walking in nature, make it about you and be intentional.

3. Build the future you, in tangent with who and where you are now, take small steps. You will get to where you want to go.

4. Enjoy each moment that a new day brings, be it peaceful or chaotic, these moments are there and in that you will find snippets of your true self.

5. This is not advice, it is down to how you want to stir it, you are the captain of your ship, make it happen.

6.There is a lot of distractions ensure you know what to take in and what to ignore.

7. The most important is to know that failure is not final, nothing should stop you not unless you say it is finsished with.

The world is your oyster, go out there, take the lead, be you and most importantly keep your authenticity close as that sets you apart.

Have a fantastic Tuesday.

Love & prayers xo


Posted by Verenaisi

Student Entrepreneur


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