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Get to know me Tuesdays, what is a safe haven to you in your travels, where do you go to be quiet, to hear yourself think, and listen to the stillness. This side of me is often hidden as I always ponder it to be little weird as I prefer to do it on my own. I first travelled on my own at the tender age of 22 from Fiji flying through the Nadi, Sydney & Singapore route. I missed my connecting flights in Sydney but somehow was able to catch a connecting flight to the UK without extra charge, I do not know to this day how that happened. I give thanks to the Man above for times that He came through when I least expected it. Following this event, I some how wound up in a chapel in Sydney departure lounge , I was wandering the departure lounges for ages as my flight had been delayed for another 4hours. Thankfully I made the next flight with no dramas and was relieved when I found my seat. That day though, I started a tradition that I would keep for years to come and have tried to visit all the churches I could and so far the most memorable has been the The Marble Church in Copenhagen, Denmark, here is a link, ‪‬ Visiting these churches always give me back my sense of purpose and this comes from my earlier childhood memory of going to my own church as a young child growing up in Suva, Fiji. It served as my best memories and have always been a safe haven for me wherever I have travelled in the world. I have never taken pictures of these churches as I always found myself too awe inspired with the architecture and the stillness of these inside spaces that taking photos was almost invasive, as though the flash of the camera would take away from the moment. I was inspired to write this from a Facebook post, by my tavale Asinate who posted about how someone tried to break into the Centenary Church but ended up in ICU, makes me ponder whether the person was looking for a safe haven or were they just looking to break in for other reasons. What is your safe haven in your travels, is it a place or a book or a person whom you stay in contact with?Happy Tuesday.Tavola xo PS. I was bit late posting this as I was working this morning, on my break now, parked somewhere in the Welsh countryside.#tavolasworldofbooks#fijian#personalisedbooks#maramasinbusinessuk#worldliteracy#reading#read#readmorebooks

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