Fijian woman in the RN.

Fijian woman in the RN
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

The memory came up on my Facebook profile and gave options as to whether or not I wanted to share this memory. Wow! time sure has flown by since this day happened six years ago. I was star struck with my conversation with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, I was with my small family of three, who were with me to meet her as well. Today I am happy to share some of it with you all.

Having served in the HM armed forces it is always hard when you write publicly because you have keep the details to a minimum due to the nature of the business.

I was sharing with a group yesterday that I wanted to write authentically and truthfully but sometimes it is not possible so I have come to conclude that maybe it is best to be content with what I can share. Focus on that and move on.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II arriving.

This was 6 years ago and I look forward to what the next 6 years of life in a future where I hope we can travel again and visit new places, this is something I miss. Am being very optimistic here but what other way is there to be.

Before the ceremony began, we were able to have a little catch up with my son, Tu Luke.

Going back further, I still remember arriving at Heathrow airport and feeling the cold icy wind brush my Fijian tanned skin, and to sitting longer on the plane for another hour after spending over 10 hours already, this is after missing my connecting flight from Sydney a day earlier in 2004. I somehow managed to join basic training in the dead of winter and the rest is history as they say.

The day I went for my interview with the RN in March 2004.

I had to return to Fiji after my interview in 2004 as I was only granted a 1 month visa to do my tests. Fortunately, I was able to pass my psychometric tests, however had not passed my run, I was out by 2 minutes. I was not able to run it again as my visa did not allow me to do so.

Passing out parade HMS Raleigh January 2005, standing proud with my mum and Commodore of HMS Raleigh at the time.

So, I had to return to Fiji, and await my security clearance while training to pass my run. I arrived back in the UK in September, 2004 and my run was on a Wednesday, I went in and smashed it!

And I was in basic training by the Sunday. The experience has taught me a lot since, I had to hold on to a dream for seven months before it came to fruition. So if you are struggling and need bit of motivation, I hope to have inspired you with my story. Aim high and stay the path.

Loloma kei na masu.

Love and prayers,

Tavola xo