How do I get there from here?

Funny photo

I cannot remember the last time I was here, do you? Being stuck because there are things in motion you have to finish before you can move forward. Patience is a virtue I often struggle with when wanting to get projects finished.

Self-doubt, self indulgent, selfish pride, selfishness, all and anything self thought and not giving God the glory is always a hard pill to swallow. Faith, for me is always very personal, the hard part is trying to weave it with all and every part of work, business and life. A constant struggle to be very frank, but we must tread onwards.

I practise self-care daily but often ignore the realness of it, getting down right to the nitty gritty of it all and taking care of that as well.

Practise makes perfect they say and another I learnt in the RN, might not be very PC but certainly drives the point, the 6 P’s, “Prior preparation prevents p*** poor performance!

So, a note to myself, and anyone who wants to pay attention, to get to where I want to go I must prepare, prepare and prepare!

Hope you had a lovely Tuesday with 15 minutes or less to midnight.

Loloma kei na masu.

Tavola xo

A funny photo of myself to lift the mood of this blog post.