It is a marathon, not a race!

Hill walking, Wales, 2021,

The title this week, is quite the reminder for me, to be content with the process.

Let us step up to the challenge then! Whatever it is, challenge it, face it or ponder it then face it.

We went hill walking somewhere in Wales over the weekend, and though I was slow getting up the hill. I got to the top in the end, it was well worth the effort and reminded me that life is a marathon and not a race.

The hill walking views in Wales were spectacular indeed and I am thinking of doing it again sometime soon. I wish I could post up all the photos to show you all the beauty Wales has to offer.

Have a great week.

Also, please join my on my weekly story time where I will be reading in both English and Fijian languages.

All the details are in the video, so watch it and come along and listen if you are free.

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Story time on Wedneday 7th April, 2021 at 3pm on my FB page, click on the link in the blog.

Loloma kei na masu,

Love and prayers.

Tavola xo