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After blogging for a couple of months, this has become an intergral part of my week to let the world know what is going on!

In the last month or so, I have had the privilege of going into collaboration with Marie Howarth a successful small business owner, who makes personalised story cushions and sells them on her Etsy page. The name of her small business, Willow & Ash Creative Crafts is the official supplier of story cushions for my online bookstore, Tavola’s World of Books. I first saw Marie’s work on Instagram at the start of the pandemic and was instantly taken with her creativity and knew that her story cushions were in my future as a bookseller.

Our first successful collaboration between Tavola’s World of Books & Willow & Ash Creative Crafts.

          I finally drew up the courage to ask for a collaboration with Marie a year later and the rest is history as they say. We were in discussions for a week or so, but in the end and contracts were drawn up then rest was history. So far, I have been on cloud 9 with the story cushions as they have added the extra edge that I have wanted for my personalised books.                                                                          

There has been mistakes and loses but overall, my experience with my start up and the online business community has been second to none. The resilience that each business owner that I have come across has been so inspiring so much so that I have dared myself and taken on bigger projects. All will be revealed in due time. But in the meantime, please take a moment to see these wonderful products. What makes it different, they are both hand-made with love. Marie sews our personalised cushions, and we print, and hand bound our books from our home office here at Tavola’s World of Books. As a small business we thrive on word of mouth and recommendations from all our customers, we might not always get it right as a new venture but we live and learn, only to return to give you better products.

All these products are available to order from our website.
We have 6 titles available to order with our story cushions.

Just a quick one before I say goodbye, if you are free tommorrow at 3PM come and join me for story time on my Facebook page.

I hope you have had a lovely Tuesday! Mine was evenful to say the least.

Loloma kei na masu,

Tavola xo

Our story time is on every Wednesday at 3PM.