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Hello, my name is Verenaisi, a mum to two wonderful children, live with husband and our rescue dog Sugar by the beautiful Herefordshire countryside. The dream is to write my own books one day, Tavola’s World is my first steps to realising this dream. I was made redundant in December 2019 and this was the catalyst to follow my passion for my love of books and Tavola’s World of Books was born a few months later.


The logo was designed by yours truly to go with my online store, initially I had intended to go to shows to advertise my books to customers face to face. But due to recent events I have had to change my plans to take everything online.The name, Tavola is a homage to my late father and mother who were both teachers and had passed on their love of reading books when I was growing up. Nothing beats the feeling of flipping through the pages of a new book! The online bookstore came out of a necessity to share this wonderful product, the author and business woman, Catherine Walker who lives in France, the person who has entrusted me with sharing her work with you. She has allowed me to use my own name as an online bookseller of her products. Though we are independent, we share our customer feedbacks and continue to get online training in ways to improve what we are giving to our clients.

The products which our bookstore offers range from books to CD’s, DVD’s and poems all of which is available in two formats, either digital or hard copy. The client has the choice to choose this from the beginning of their order and able to personalise it to their child.

For questions or feedback on our services and products, please go to our contact page on our website and drop us a message.

Loloma kei na masu,

Tavola xo

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  • Bookseller
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