Tavola’s World of Books Story time

As part of community outreach Tavola’s World of Books do a story time reading in two languages, English and Fijian every Wednesday at 6PM. This is a community effort where we try to get members from the Fijian diaspora in the UK to read to our young, the reading takes place on a private Facebook page and anyone is welcome, all we ask is to respect other members and follow group etiquette.

World Literacy Foundation Ambassador Programme 2021

We applied to be part of the World Literacy Foundation Ambassador programme and was chosen from delegates around the world to learn how to be impactful in promoting literacy from the grassroots level right up to an international arena. As a budding advocate I wanted to raise funds at the end of this programme in order to help the fight against illiteracy in our communities.

Juniors Bookclub coordinator for Marama Alliance UK sponsored by Reading Force, a UK charity.

We have joined forces with Marama Alliance UK and Reading Forces a UK charity to run a juniors bookclub for the children in our Fijian diaspora who have a Armed Forces connection. It is an initiative of Reading Force where they are using books to bring about conversation in encouraging our young to read and foster a culture of talking and getting the kids to communicate through their shared love of reading. Our role as coordinator is to encourage kids to draw, write a piece of poetry and review books. The artistic license is very broad and we encourage one book at a time!